Keeping a Leadership Journal

jour·nal (jûr′nəl) n. a. A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections kept on a regular basis; a diary.

Keeping a journal seems to hark back to times before the ubiquitous digital blogs and other social media undermined the value of tracking one’s thoughts and reflecting upon aspects of life and experience.

Yet in my work I find myself suggesting to clients that they try to keep a ’journal’ for a wide variety of purposes.  For example, there are people who keep ’intuition’ journals to track their intuitive hunches – they do this without editing their thoughts and then over a period of time begin to develop confidence in their intuition.  There are others who keep ’confidence’ journals – where they try to record one thing that went well each day which was a consequence of their behaviour.  Over a period of time this journal provides concrete evidence of their effectiveness and in turn has a postive impact upon their future behaviour. Other clients keep ’creative’ journals – where they play with ideas and allow the creative process to operate without the fear of public exposure.

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