‘Second-rate’ leadership

What if a person never directly experienced a ‘great’ leader in the course of their career?

In such circumstances wouldn’t it be likely that such a person would use the ‘best’ leader they encountered as their personal benchmark for ‘great’ leadership?

Yet, unknown to them, there is significant headroom beyond that benchmark.

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Escaping Silo Leadership

Over the past year I’ve been working with a Chief Executive Officer who is an exceptional leader. She has kindly given me permission to write about the small behavioural change we have been working on over the past twelve months.

As is ever the case, it was easier to identify the symptoms than than the cause. She had five direct reports and although they were all competent and committed she found herself deeply engaged in aspects of work from each of their particular areas of responsibility.

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The Downside of ‘Open’ Leadership

‘Open leadership’ is generally understood to be where a leader is open, transparent and authentic. As an alternative to ‘closed’ leadership, i.e. closed and secretive, ‘open leadership’ holds great appeal and is held up a goal to aspire towards for many organisations.

Nevertheless, as with any default leadership behaviour is carries a downside that can be as damaging as its ‘closed’ alternative.

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