Artificial Harmony

Artificial Harmony is one of the defining characteristics of malfunctioning teams. In order to present themselves as a high performing team the members pretend that everyone gets along and that here’s no dissention or disagreement.

Artificial harmony leads people to agree on matters and courses of action that they don’t believe to be the best decision for the group. These types of decisions are made to avid conflict or dispute but ultimately accumulate a series of less than optimal decisions.

In such teams people just want to get along with each other and lose sight of the purpose of the team and substitute that with a form of social contract that is based upon false agreements.

Teams that fail to identify or tackle artificial harmony are eventually destined to fail in their collective purpose.

At Ceannas we’ve been tackling artificial harmony through the development of the Ceannas Team Index that is made up of five fundamental behaviours:

  • POSITIVITY: brings a positive energy to the team
  • CANDOUR: can be relied upon to tell it as it is
  • TEAM FOCUS: committed to team goals
  • APPROACHABILITY: approachable and helpful
  • DELIVERY: delivers on their promises

Where team members can provide candid reflections upon their colleagues’ team behaviours then great things have happened!